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>3 [May. 11th, 2006|06:40 pm]
Okage: Shadow King (RPG community)
Fufu, the snow has all melted away, and the flowers have begun to bloom! How splendid! I wonder when the moon grass will start to grow! Slave boyAri, You'll help me pick some when it comes, won't you?

So, I took my usual flaunt stroll around Tenel today, and I noticed the most peculiar thing; I was alone! Ari wasn't there, nor Annie, nor Ari's father or mother, not that stupid shadow, not even JAMES to keep me company, just the smelly townsfolk! What an insecure feeling. Don't you people know a princess can't travel without an escort? I could have been kidnapped. KIDNAPPED. Ari, you better be more careful from now on, keep a closer eye on me. Really. I could get myself into trouble.

List of things to do:

- make Ari fix the broken plume on my fan
- fold laundry properly (how was I supposed to know who that underwear belonged to?!)
- perfect my pie-making skills, I'll be as good as Ari's mother in no time!
- cut back to three spoons of sugar in my tea instead of five

Well then, I'm off to do something that's undoubtedly productive~! Ta-tah!

From: omlet_mom
2006-05-12 08:02 pm (UTC)
I have some darling pie recipes you might want to try, but Ari will have to run to the market to pick up some ingredients first!
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From: marlene_hime
2006-05-12 09:44 pm (UTC)
*____* *CLUTCHFIST* very well then!!! We must summon Ari at once!!
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